Driver database for working with Smart-bus G4 devices in the iRidium Studio environment. Include Iridium license visualisation and server for AV & Custom systems driver.

Smart-Bus G4

SBIridium supports the following G4 modules:

  • dimmers and relays;
  • 4z module and 9in1 sensors;
  • climate control module HVAC2 and 4t module;
  • mixed modules Mix24 and Z-beast 23;
  • IR-emitters;
  • 4LED, DMX48;
  • Z-Audio, DDP, NDP.
Smart-Bus G4
Smart-Bus G4

Working on everything

   Thanks to flexibility and power capacity of the iRidium system you will be fascinated how easy it is to implement your Smart-bus G4 projects on any device.

Just download SBIridium and check it for yourself in a cost-free demo-mode.